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Sunday, January 31, 2016

U.S.A. Land of Limitations?
By: Nicholas Kristof
August 8, 2015


In the article there is a discussion about how there may be many chances to be successful in the U.S. but there are limitations. Kristof does an excellent job of explaining his opinion in the most respectful way while also making good points about how being raised in certain environments can impact one’s future.

Such limitations for being successful and rising from where one started that are mentioned  include, following their family's history of living in poverty, not getting the right education or encouragement from peers, teachers or parents or not having any want, or will to change and be more successful than anyone else. Kristof brought up an example point of how his friend who  basically grew up by himself, may not have had the same chances as other kids his age. I think that by mentioning his friend’s life story and how he grew up really made me realize how much more appreciative some people, including me should be. Kristof mentions in the article “parents’ incomes correlate to their adult children’s incomes roughly as heights do.” and what he means is that most children take after their parents in physical structure and career success as well as economic success. Kristof also mentioned that children’s education is what should be debated about in politics, “That’s what the presidential candidates should be debating” and he makes a good point that success in all communities should be a number one priority, that all schools, parents, peers and counselors should focus on showing children what is possible for them and they can do it.

Questions/Comments to Share:
I think what his article really can relate to is money and education. Also, adding to the idea that some people need to be more appreciative is that many people out in the world only do care about money, and although money is needed it is about being happy with where you are in life and knowing you have accomplished what you wanted and strived for. I completely agree with everything he mentioned about environments and family history playing a part in the future, but I also believe that if someone wants to branch out and work hard to accomplish their dreams that they can do it.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

This is Cody who I have been dating for almost two years, he goes to Johnson & Wales University for criminal justice and he also wrestles competitively for the school as well. He deals with my attitude, pays for panera bread, drives me around and lets me win when we go bowling and mini golfing.

These are my two best friends, little Megan is on the left and I've been best friends with her since the 6th grade. Sadly, Megan goes to Northern Michigan University so we will be apart during our college experiences. In the middle is Caitlin, I have been going to school with her since kindergarten but junior year is when us three become our trio. She goes away to school at Christopher Newport University in West Virginia so once again we all apart and only see each other on break and during summer. Our summers consist of going to the beach everyday, getting ice cream, bonfires, water parks and sitting by the pool.

This picture was taken in Riviera Maya, México this past July which I went to for a week with my family. My siblings, Danielle is 21 and attends MCPHS to be a Physicians Assistant, she also lives at home with me and commutes to Boston everyday. Kenny is 9 and is in the 4th grade, a spoiled little kid who is the baby and slips by my parents with all his sneaky plans. Very thankful for both of them, home wouldn't be home without them in the next rooms over.

My wonderful parents who will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Wouldn't be where I am today without them. My dad owns his own company KR Carpentry LLC, he is a finish carpenter and my mother is his accountant as well as a stay at home mom.

These are my best friends whom I played lacrosse with all through high school and middle school with. This was our first day of "tryouts" our senior year, some went on to play in college, others like me, chose to just stick with school. I played lacrosse and field hockey in high school, I was captain of the field hockey team and still technically have the chance to play lacrosse for RIC but I am choosing to continue to work and go to school full time, no sports.