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Saturday, March 26, 2016

"Sex Positivity, Feminism and Health Implications - Deirdre O'Donnell"

On Thursday March 24 I attended the lecture/presentation about sex positivity, feminism and health implications by Deirdre O'Donnell. It was held upstairs in Donovan Dining Center and was schedule from 12:30-1:50. I attended this social justice event with Jordyn, Kamryn, Kate, Grace and Amy. Main issues that were discussed during the presentation included; feminism (the social, economic and political equality of the sexes), intersectionality, social justice, libertarianism vs, interventionist politics, health policy & the law (ACA), sex positivity and public health research.

I thought this class was going to be very awkward and uninteresting but I put all other thoughts aside and decided to not worry about what the topic was and be more interested about what Deirdre was trying to teach us about and what I could learn from this event. Sure, we all laughed a few times, felt awkward and didn't know how to respond to some slides/questions/comments but it was an experience. I feel as if it gave me a lot of information about things I never worry about or wanted to know but what she informed us was stuff we should know and be aware of in this world.

Not all topics were talks about in detail but some points she hit that really grabbed my attentions were some facts she gave us that we either had to chose as True or False and then we went over all of them. Something interesting and very horrible is that less than 1% of rapists see time in jail, condoms, lubricants and tampons/feminine products are not tested by the Food & Drug Administration because they are considered "cosmetics" buts some brands of these products contain bleach, sugar and other non-safe drugs that can negatively affect the body. Also, abortion is legal in every state but now some states are requiring an ultrasound for the mother to go to before officially deciding to terminate the fetus. Health insurance as well as the different laws in each states greatly affect the abortion process for some women in the U.S.

Many other things were discussed among these topics and here are some other great points/facts i learned while being at this event;
-The U.S. has the most expensive health care in the world with the worst outcomes
-The U.S. has the highest infant & maternal mortality rate
-The ACA ("Obamacare") has allowed the U.S. to reach about 90% in health coverage
-Woman make $0.75 to the male $1.00 and it is even less is the woman is not white
-Pro life = Anti-Abortion
-Pro Choice= Woman's Choice
- The word "Sex" is not easily defined, could mean intercourse, gender, deals with oral, anal and vaginal sex and all of that equals RISK
-Sigmund Freud was the first person to talk about sexual repression (stated in history)

Lastly, Deirdre discussed what "Sex Positivity" really is, she explained that it is "Consensual (enthusiastic, verbal or gesture, absent of drug/alcohol, safe and sane, of age and of ability to consent), judgement free, intention of inclusitivioty, (LGBTGAP+) and issues of women's health like porn, rape/assault, consent, sex work/sex trafficking, sex toys, safe sex, menstruation, masterbation, anatomy and many other aspects of sexual ideas about woman, for woman.

I feel as if this event and the topics discussed really relates to August because a lot of the talk has to do with LGBTQ and what it all means. The event talked about the word "Sex" meaning gender or the act of intercourse where some people said between a male and a female where new life is created and others said the romantic attraction between two people who then perform sexual acts together. Deirdre explained and got a point across that everyone has a different opinion and view and its OKAY.  Deirdre also connected to Grinner with SCWAAMP because of the "ideal norms"in society everywhere that everyone just assumes is what is right and what is the "best". Lastly, this event can connect to Delpit because Delpit mentions that people need to be told explicitly the "codes of power" about society and everything they do. It relates to Deirdres talk because there are certain things woman aren't respected by such as sex being "consensual" and woman not just being an object of sex, their are "unknown" rules that people should be following when performing sexual acts between any number of people and that is a major problem that many people face each day.

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